Elizabeth Simcoe's Dress Code

Each school, in consultation with its school council, is required to develop a dress policy that is appropriate for their school. Such dress policies are based on principles such as respect, safety and diversity. In keeping with the Board's Policy B.03: Equity Foundation, our school dress policy must integrate the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion.


  • Clean and comfortable clothing that covers from at least the shoulder to mid-thigh. Skimpy cropped tops, bare midriff type clothing, halter tops, backless shirts, mesh material, sheer material (without lining), tank tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts and clothing that leaves undergarments visible are not permitted. Pants are worn at the waist and fit without sagging, bagging or dragging.
  • Hats, bandannas, hair bands with bandanna material, kerchiefs, scarves, hairnets, hoods, sweat bands, visors and sunglasses are to be removed upon entering the building. Exceptions will be made for religious or medical reasons (doctor's note required).
  • Clothing must not show disrespect for community values. Attire that has negative language/symbols, condones or promotes drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gangs, sexually suggestive or aggressive behaviour, obscene or profane language/phrases, or words/symbols degrading any gender, culture, religion, or ethnic value are not to be worn on school property.
  • Chains that extend past the chest area or hang from clothing are not permitted. Jewelry can be a hazard and must not be worn during any of the physical education classes.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Indoor shoes are required to be kept at school.
  • Dress for the elements, appropriate for cold, rain or sun is required. Students need to come to school dressed appropriately for spending time outdoors at recesses and during the lunch hour and wear the clothes that have been sent by parents during all outside activities throughout the day.

The principal or designate reserves the right to instruct any student to change his/her clothing if the student's attire is inappropriate for school. The Dress Code applies to all staff and students at Elizabeth Simcoe. Failure to comply with the dress policy may result in disciplinary consequences, up to and including suspension.

Personal Property

Parents are requested to see that their children’s clothes, boots, gloves, scarves, running shoes, lunch kits, school bags etc. are marked with the child's name. Clothing does get misplaced and many children have identical or similar clothing. If a child has lost or misplaced an article of clothing, there is a good chance it will be in the Lost and Found box. Children should look in this box. Parents are also encouraged to come to the school and look for lost items. Every year many excellent articles of clothing are left behind. Twice a year these items are collected and sent to charitable organizations.

Please leave the following items at home:

  • Electronics such as: I-Pods, Nintendo DS, Play Station Portable, Cell Phones
  • Trading cards and toys

Bikes and skateboards are permitted, but must be walked on and off school property, for everyone's safety. A sturdy, U-framed lock is recommended for locking the bike securely to the bike racks at the back of the school. Skateboards are to be stored all day at the back of the student's classroom.

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property.