Big Box Fundraiser

How's it Work?

The eldest child of your family attending Elizabeth Simcoe will be bringing home a box of the Big Box of Birthday Cards, along with an order form and a letter with details of the fundraiser. Use the box to show family and friends the fantastic selection of cards so they can see what they are buying, and don't forget to order for yourself!

HEART Your Box

Remember, the box you bring home will in turn become your box of cards if you decide to purchase a box or will go to the person you've sold it to, so please take care of the box and the cards within.

Prizes To Be HAD!

There are prizes to be won such as a 16GB iPod Touch, gift cards and a pizza party to the top selling class!


We are looking forward to a great school year, and the money raised from the Big Box of Birthday Cards fundraiser will go toward school initiatives for our students to enjoy! Should you have any questions about the fundraiser, please feel free to contact Roza Mangos.