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Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School is a dynamic school with a strong sense of community. Our academic calendar is filled with activities that enhance the experience of our students throughout the year.

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The school in summer

OUR NUMBER 1 GOAL - Rejuvenate the playground

For more than 2 years now, we have been fundraising with the aim of replacing the outdoor playground equipment. Early last year, we diverted $15,000 of funds to the purchase of the Google Chrome Books on the basis that the school was scheduled to lose its computer lab resources which were no longer supported. More than a year later we are still working closely with the TDSB in order to navigate the complex process of getting final sign off for our playground installation. We still have some hurdles to overcome with the various regulatory requirements that need to be met, but the council and the school will continue to pursue our goal of providing a new playground area at Elizabeth Simcoe. Our expectation is that with the Silent Auction event in May we will have sufficient monies on hand to fund the installation.

Watch this space ...

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