Elizabeth Simcoe JPS: An Active Environment

Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School is a dynamic school with a strong sense of community. Our academic calendar is filled with activities that enhance the experience of our students throughout the year.

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The school in summer

About Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School

Together we develop and refine a safe, inclusive and enriched learning community. Together, we achieve high academic progress...

Pursuing academic excellence, social justice and various ECO initiatives builds strength and success for all of our students in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.

We work towards the creation and consistency of a co-operative learning environment at Elizabeth Simcoe. We believe that it is important that learners acquire respect and discipline so they can participate and benefit from school activities that stimulate their learning in an optimal and supportive learning environment. Character Educations remains a high priority at Simcoe with life related experiences that promote positive citizenship and service to our school and community.

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