Our Book Fair will be open Monday, November 29th - Friday, December 3rd. Each class will have an opportunity to visit the book fair each day. Cash and cheques are accepted. If you are writing a cheque, please make it payable to "Elizabeth Simcoe School Council."

Since parents/guardians/family members are unable to visit the book fair this year, Scholastic is also offering a virtual book fair to all Simcoe families. Please take a look at the link below. The online sale opens Monday, November 29th - Monday, December 6th.


    Before our Fair begins, click the link to:
  • SAVE it to your browser
  • WATCH videos of popular new titles
  • PREVIEW our Featured Books



Just a friendly reminder if you would like to order Lunch Lady for this Thursday, orders are due by Wednesday at 8:00am. Also, Lunch Lady is no longer providing utensils with meals, so if you order an item that requires a fork or spoon, please be sure to send one to school with your child. I have attached a copy of the instructions for ordering in case you would like to order this week for the first time.

Order Form


PIZZA LUNCHES are back! More information to come.